On the Tyranny of the Word "Or"

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Hey there, crew...

Iggster here with some way cool commentary about one of the ways that the past generation failed us. Not only did they fail with limiting the technological improvements so that various entities could continue to enjoy an abnormal amount of privilege, they also failed when it came to providing various intellectual tools that would allow for the correct functioning of logic.

Yeah, I know it sounds kinda weird, but our parents and grandparents left us with a system of conceptualization that promotes an "either or" mentality. The reason why this kind of intellectual folly saturates the collective thought processes of society is because it does not require intense thought or computation in order to be employed in everyday reality.

If the overwhelming simple solution to this problem (in other words--the genius of the word and) is not obvious, then like, you need to get an intelligence injection, bro.

I mean, dude, it's like this...

Question from a lame dude of the past generations...

LAME DUDE: So which is better? Ethnic ladies, blondes, redheads, or brunettes?

IGGY: Yes!

Do you see the error of the question? It was worded in an inferior way that did not provide the obvious answer for the question. The correct answer is that ALL ladies, women, and girls are all awesome. Every single one. There is no one type that is better. They are all equally great!

It is imperative that we at Knight Veritas recognize that when somebody asks an "either or" question, they are probably not employing their mental faculties in a manner that promotes the highest level of thought.

So instead of always using a "either or" approach to a situation, use your brain and check to see if there is a solution that involves pieces of both polarities. This is NOT the concept of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The genius of the word and means nothing more than rewording idiotic conceptualizations that reduce thought to only a few options.

Options are good and may involve solutions that are not subject to the limitations artificially imposed by inferior mental reasoning.

So, in closing, I want to encourage you to think.

Just think.

Because when you do this one thing, you make the world a little brighter. 

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