Don't Grow Up to be a Hacker


Hello everyone,

This is Iggy, and today I want to talk about staying away from the dark side.

This evil force will tempt you with short-term rewards and selfish material gains.

It will fill your head with siren songs about immense wealth and privilege that can be yours for the taking. However, you first have to forget about having a moral code and throw ethics out the window.


You don't ever want to give in to the dark side. You will eventually have to pay dearly for doing this. There is never a free lunch.

Now at Knights Veritas, we have a catch phrase, and that phrase is "the PEN is mightier than the sword." The acronym PEN stands for Personal Endorsement Number, or the secret key in a key pair.

This is how we can help to bring peace to the realms of cyberspace.

With this valuable tool of authenticity, we can help more people choose the path of goodness that promotes the long-term well being of humanity and still allows for each person to make an honest living in the world of eCommerce.

With such a powerful device in our hands, we can more steadily pursue the path of justice and do what is right for all of mankind.

...and never forget that goodness and correct behavior are fun. 

It is always best to be the good guy.

Don't ever forget this because it is the most important lesson you will ever learn.

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