On the Circular Nature of the Modulus

    Lee Fitzsimmons (Iggy)
    By Lee Fitzsimmons (Iggy)


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    Okay, all you dudes and dudettes out there, how would you like the Iggster to compose a little poetic verse about the beauty of circles...

    Okay, then... We shall begin...

    Oh Modulus, let the circle be thy guide,

    'cause circles are like, way cool...

    So don't drink formaldehyde 


    Wait, what else rhymes with guide? 

    Wide? Side? Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hyde?

    I don't know. I don't think I'm cut out for poetry.

    A circle is a circle is a circle. There.

    How's that?

    Anyway, the modulus is the numerical wheel that is part of the cryptic algorithm (RSA algorithm). It searches for numerical values that meet certain criteria.

    With this numerical tool, the magic of PKI has an essential magical element needed to make the cryptic algorithm sing out loud to the world as it creates key pairs for all of humanity.

    Pretty cool, huh...

    Anyway, later guys and gals...

    Iggster out.


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